Cockroaches and Crumble

Don’t worry this is a dream. Or should you be worried? It was my dream. I guess if anyone it’s I who should be worried. (Don’t like the word should). Or should my dreams worry you? If I don’t act on them. Which in this case I won’t for lots of reasons. The Dream I… Continue reading Cockroaches and Crumble

Web Dilemma

Today’s dilemma doesn’t involve horns, it involves web. No not that sort, though they are an almost daily dilemma. What to post? Where to post it? How much of the story to disclose? How not to embarrass myself? Maybe not that one …. ** Not a real web. As in the thingy a spider spins.… Continue reading Web Dilemma

The genesis of Eagle Child Twice Born

Eagle Child Twice Born started as a poem. I had wanted to do a purely spoken word piece for a while however this wasn’t quite how I had expected it to come about. In the Sunday Songwriter’s group that I regularly wax lyrical about during deepest, darkest lockdown we were running at two tasks a… Continue reading The genesis of Eagle Child Twice Born

Hello world!

This is a brand new website for relaunching No Prima Donnas. I have just released my first new material for twelve years in this guise as I have been busy with The Real King(s) of Spain ( ) There is a player on the front page with some older work and the new release… Continue reading Hello world!