Days 12 and 13 – Take The Long Way Home

A 36-hour day with fitful bouts of sleep and relaxation. It’s 11am when I leave the hotel having been up since 8 and having done my RSA accountability pod which was subject to interruptions from the flaky hotel internet. Check in and bag drop all smooth. Kill some hours and dollars at the airport refreshment franchises, arrive at the gate super early and then it’s into the air at 6pm. Smooth change over at Atlanta and I feel slightly less hostile to Atlanta airport and Delta, not least of which is because (spoiler alert), my luggage was waiting on the belt when I came through passport control in Valencia. Minimal fuss getting back into Spain, not even a passport-check as within Schengen no-one gives a flying. If someone tells you nothing’s changed with Brexit they are lying. It is SOOO easy from Amsterdam to Valencia, compared to Bristol to Valencia.

The journey itself is long and boring. Not as stress free as pre-Covid naturally however with that and the growing climate disaster I don’t think flying is ever going to be the joy it once was. The airlines seem to think they are part of the solution and that green air travel is possible. I severely doubt this. The world has changed forever. Nevertheless, it has been good to be out and amongst people again, even though there was a near air rage incident with my neighbouring passenger. The pre-booked taxi all worked out well and midnight I am back inside my front door, making the bed and winding down.

Feet back on the ground. Maybe a little. For a while.

Take me back home

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