Day 11 – Winding Down

More pictures from the Commodore Lounge

A day for tying up any lose ends I thought. Then I woke up with as clear a picture of what I want and need to focus on as I have had for a while. Maybe this is the process that started back in January with the Dream Goal setting. I am sure that there are some in these parts that would claim divine intervention in my psyche and soul. Certainly Ron, who came and sat with me after breakfast might think so as he tried to give me a Gideon bible. But then god would have to take responsibility for the hammering over my head as the workpeople did … well who knows what.

So, I am going to stick to taking responsibility for myself and how I interact with the world and the people in it. The musings may well ramp up though in a less frenetic and frantic way than of late.

The day is mostly packing up, attending final to those loose ends, some psychotherapy work. I wander over the parking lot for a bit of Asian fusion on the food experience. Start doing budgeting for the next chunk of time. Finishing the production and mastering of my releases.

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