Day 9 – A Day of Rest

A bit of a lie in. Up for a late breakfast. The free meal in the hotel. Lots to think about. A bit of financial planning and checking of flights, times and transport option. All very rock’n’roll.

Processing for the events of the last 3 days and reflecting on what is still to come. What can I realistically do and afford in the next 3 days to make the trip vextension worthwhile. Various tours sound quick appealing particularly the one including the RCA studio. A tour of the city would be nice. All involve getting transport of some sort which bumps the cost up. And I would be on my own. I can use the time to reflect and journal and catch up. Also no knowing what will crop up. A bit of a family Zoom in the  and supermarket dinner. A bit of rubbish TV. Some social media. Earlyish night.

Pictures from last night’s writers round

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