Some people might say my trip is in a rut!

Day 4 – Nothing happened today

Not much happening on the music networking front however today is a work and earning client work day. Four sessions then back to networking now. Later a walk. Maybe look in at the store and maybe try the Mexican. Yesterday’s exploration involved getting to know the neighbours and neighbourhood a little. I think I am in a good place in some ways.

Day 5 – A Tribe for Q

TThe networking duck in person is finally broken. Up at the crack of sparrows for clinical supervision back in UK then wandered into breakfast and got into (ok gate crashed) a conversation about music. It seems the Full Circle tribe checked in last night and now virtual friends are meeting for the first time. They seem a friendly bunch. Managed to get a lift into Full Circle with a guy called David which was damn decent of him and saved me about $30 on an Uber.

After supervision, music accountability POD then Music Business Mentoring and some online stuff. Client due at 5pm cancelled and did the Radical Songwriting Academy Q&A. So been a full day of music networking. A little bit more to do, un poco de Español then the rest of the day is mine … might just make that store and Mexican or have a bit of a waffle! Early start tomorrow and the real learning and networking of the week begins.

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