Day 2 – Intrepid Exploration

The neghbours

Awake. Luggage arrived yesterday evening around 6pm. I can see again. Some perspective on the incidents of the previous days and have put them behind me apart from a complaint to Delta. For now want to focus on what I can do now I am here! There are still some challenges… I am in the bible belt of the city where all the country stars live apparently. Taxis and takeaway deliveries don’t like to come here. So perhaps I need a car. And I need to eat. No restaurant or bar in the hotel. More frustratingly no desk to work at! An uncomfortable uneasy chair with laptop on lap is not conducive to easy typing nor client sessions which I will still have (and I want) to do whilst I am away. This trip is not sponsored by anyone other than good ole Jumping Joint Ltd (me!)

The highway is outside the front door… Far enough away to not disturb me. On the plus side Britney my reception guide informs me that there is a Mexican restaurant at the back of the parking lot and a liquor store next door. I can confirm the latter. Not found the former yet. With that and my duty free I have supplies for the week. There are a couple of restaurants within a few minutes walk from the hotel. If I can get across the highway! A day for exploration and planning.

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