Day 1 – Parts 1 & 2 – Tired and Emotional

Saturday Part 1

I have just arrived safe and checked in at my hotel. My luggage sadly is still in Atlanta. No airport experience worse in 40 years of air travel and hundreds of flights. Not even the one where you have to clear the sheep from the runaway and the departure lounge is a wooden shed. (Colonsay) I have NEVER had my luggage lost. Whole transfer process a shambles. Sorry Atlanta airport, you suck. The world’s busiest airport you might be but the image above was pretty much how you looked when I was there. Nobody about much. Nobody wanted to help. A special mention must go to the security guard who shut their queue with about 8 people left and made us join the back of the adjacent queue. Truly awful service.

My thoughts about Delta airlines are unprintable though not libellous as they are 100% TRUE! Hotel also a bit disappointing. I am sure it will all look a bit better tomorrow after a long sleep and with some clean clothes. Luggage due lunchtime.

To be fair Nashville airport wasn’t a whole lot better as it was a building site and we had to walk a long way for a taxi. It wasn’t populated either.

Saturday Part 2 – Franklin / Nashville

Well, it’s been an eventful few hours. The story does have a happy ending. Whilst I was having breakfast and sorting out my reservation which for various reasons they only had as 1 night. And for cash flow reasons I couldn’t guarantee for the whole stay as Cooperative bank is shut for maintenance on their app… The cleaner, despite a DND notice waltzed into my room and threw away a contact lens which was in a plastic cup because of course I didn’t have my eye stuff because…. There’s a hole in my bucket dear Liza.

I go to reception to sort it out and phone my optician. Everyone on both sides of the Atlantic is super helpful. Except for the cleaner. Who ignores the DND notice for a second time and for half an hour I think has thrown away the OTHER lens. She hadn’t. Enter the hero of the hour. The hotel maintenance guy (and it is a guy). He removes the sink u bend and amazingly the lens is still there. Now I just need my suitcase dear Liza and I can clean my lenses and see again. Lessons learnt all round. Nobody died or had their country invaded. I am going to see if I can sleep for a little while. Life is not dull… Ever. Xx

p.s. I will not identify the hotel however I shan’t be staying with them again. I didn’t post a 1-star review, the rest of it wasn’t THAT bad and I have a life. So no pictures of it either. I will post a picture of a neighbour. You can work it out if you REALLY want to.

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