Going Down To Nashville Gonna Have Myself A Time – Day minus a lot

A long, long time ago. Or so it seems. I was at one of those freebie or low cost seminars online where they tell you they are going to try and sell you something and then they do. And sometimes I bite and sometimes I don’t. Most times at worst I end up with Bowie vinyl … and what’s not to love about about Bowie vinyl or stalking singer-songwriters across France.

This time the offer was a 3 day Music Boot Camp in Nashville, half price but still it’s fucking Nashville, many miles and many Benjamins away. No drink had been taken unlike a lot of Bowie purchases and most definitely during what is now known as ‘the Vega incident’ where I planned to stalk her and Gerry ‘Spooky Ghost’ Leonard across the middle regions of France (the gigs were all cancelled due to Covid so there were spared this fate, till next year anyway!). Sometimes though you gotta take the ride. So I signed up. 30 day cancellation option, 3 month payment. I didn’t cancel. I did make the payments. The rest is now history but you can relive it here over the next few days.

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