Web Dilemma

Today’s dilemma doesn’t involve horns, it involves web. No not that sort, though they are an almost daily dilemma. What to post? Where to post it? How much of the story to disclose? How not to embarrass myself? Maybe not that one …. **

Not a real web. As in the thingy a spider spins. Attached to this post is a real life action picture of my desk (wot I is typing at now) and the studio monitor. Insects are a problem here. Mosquitos are painful. Flies are irritating. Strange giant hinged bodied stripey things alarming but apparently harmless. So an enterprising spider decided to spin a web between the two edges of monitor you can see. Very useful for capturing at least two of the above without the need to resort to chemicals and other more physical swats and therefore assault my vegetarian, near vegan principles and lifestyle let alone get into the whole green don’t use pesticides thing.

So here’s the thing. It’s hot here.*The insects are relentless. The doors are open for the few hours that it is cooler outside than in. Unfortunately many of those are when the PESTS need to be CIDED as they are most active. I would gladly keep an army of spiders, they don’t bother me, as a Darwinian solution however, I do occasionally need to move the monitors. I’ve had a stern word with spidey but he/she won’t see sense. It’s a tough life.

*It’s what my Scottish friends call ‘taps aff’ weather. Frankly it’s what I call stark bollock naked weather. No visible neighbours currently and for the sanity and retention of dinner I kept ‘taps firmly on’ during photos and my video message today. You’re welcome.

** Actually the most common web dilemma at present, if you ignore the hassle of Facebook, YouTube insisting that you have a Googlemail account, YouTube just in generally, Spotify (now there’s some horns on a devil and dilemma) and just experienced here is the constant insistence of applications that you need to change your password … even with the excellent NordPass and the less excellent Google password facility it’s the most painful part of most days as an application I logged into mere days or at most weeks ago INSISTS that it doesn’t know who I am. YouTube and Spotify definitely the worst. ***

*** Actually McAfee is the worst. Apart from slowing the computer down on a regular basis, insisting I am not properly protected and nagging me to install its VPN rather than the one I have a three year subscription for and am perfectly happy with and randomly switching itself off. A curse on VirusGuards and writers all.

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